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Community Event in District 39 with Representative Dr. Elijah Pierick


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Internship Opportunity

An internship with Representative Elijah Pierick provides a unique opportunity to work with a legislator in the House of Representatives - giving you insight into our local legislative process and how we work to improve our community, district, and state. The Hawaii State Legislative Session occurs between January and May. Students who are sophomores and above are eligible to apply. Year-round internships are also available for interested students. Acceptance into the High School and College Internship Program are based upon the applicant’s experience and interests. 

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Communicating with the district is essential to the health of our community. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to share how your input and feedback has continued to motivate and help my work at the Capitol. Below is an archive of mailers, e-newsletters, and neighborhood board updates I have sent out to the district in 2023. 

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